Vocational Education


Think of the days of our Lord, when He was just a boy, a young man in a village with a Home, Synagogue and Market Area as their main arena from which most all of their social activities took place.  The Bible says that the older children should help raise up the young children in the way that they should go, in the things that they are capable of learning and doing next, as a contribution to their environment. 

Itís obvious, whether we like it or not, that Home Making is a big part of our everyday environment.  By the age of 14, all boys and girls should be trained in the ways of Home Making, as though they were going to (as Jesus did) move out of the home and live as a Single Adult.  Forget the stereotypes, men donít only need to learn to cook, men love to cook!  Adam was created to gather and prepare food for the home, to live at Godís High Standard; therefore, a man must conquer Ďthe tasks at homeí, the joyful path that leads us back into the Garden.

At the age of 14 all boys and girls should have passing grades in all Home Making skills and tasks, with an attitude that is willing to increase in knowledge and in skill, just as Jesus was known for increasing in knowledge and in skill in all things.

Then, at the age of 14, man and woman is ready for Vocational High School, itís sad that Public Schools do not Certify students with vocational skills and vocational degrees.  This is where the next generation is falling off the cliff, into a big dark hole.  Christian Churches must take it upon themselves to run and sponsor Christian Schools that provide Vocational High Schools, Music Schools and Educational Centers for children prior to the age of 14. 

Prayer:  Dear Lord, Please Help Us by going before us and preparing The Way where there doesnít seem to be a way, In Jesus Name, Amen.

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