There are 2 ingredients to a Healthy Marriage:  (1) Abstinence Prior to Marriage and (2) Christian Marriage between a Christian Man and a Christian Woman.

If there has been sexual activity prior to the marriage, then demons and evil spirits have gained entry into the marriage relationship since authority (entry) was given to the evil spirits either by force or by way of permission.  Either way, the sin (or the sinned against) must be confessed with a willingness to forget and leave the damage and the healing in the hands of our Loving Father.

Christian Marriage means the union of a Christian Man and a Christian Woman.  If only one spouse is a Christian, then there will be problems that the Non-Christian will not be willing to deal with according to the Standard, The Word of God, and without the Word of God as our Book of Authority, then there will be no points of agreements, hence there will be no foundation from which restoration can flourish.  It is the Church’s responsibility to counsel couples prior to marriage to determine whether or not both are True Believers in Jesus Christ, else any efforts to assist them through counseling after marriage will be in vain.  This Standard holds true for couples already married that want to join the church, both should be counseled prior to joining the church to ensure that they are Christians.  Non-Christians (non-Believers in Jesus Christ) should not be married nor allowed to join the Church, else there is no foundation from which to counsel them from when future issues arise.

Take some time as a group to mediate on the Banners and to discuss how you feel about these Standards.  We may not have lived out the High Standard, but we can do our part in acknowledging The Higher Standard and passing it onto others as a Blessing, as a Christian Philosophy that works, to the Glory of God our Father In Heaven.

Prayer:  Dear Lord, Help us to Bless the next generation by raising the Banner High, In Jesus Name, Amen.

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