Social Hospitality

There seems to be some question as to how Hospitality should progress in Social Settings. Here are Six Levels of Progressions to consider:

(1) GREET:
Just say “Hello”, “Good Morning”, “God Bless”. It shows you care and value the other person.

Just process the transaction that is in front of you. Like a teller in a bank or a driver in traffic, just make the exchange, extend “law abiding” courtesies (hospitalities)… Show no Favoritism… Just Process the Truth and the Facts within the context of the Transaction without showing Partiality… Express no “False Flattery or Flirting”… Express no Unconstructive Criticisms… For our tongues and our thoughts (which are also prayers) have the Power to Curse and the Power to Bless.

This is where the person becomes more than a “transaction”. This is someone you decide to “share a meal with” in terms of words or maybe even food. Be sure to “invite Jesus to the table” and keep things Christ-Centered.

This is where an issue, situation or problem is shared. They may share, hoping they can trust and confide in you, hoping you will “escort” then to (or through to) the next revelation or breakthrough. At this point, you have become their HOPE, a very Godly Privilege, so be prepared (for it is our Savior that we represent). Be prepared to Care by being Honest… Be prepared to Represent the Truth and the Facts without showing Favoritism or Partiality… Be prepared to be Sincere without expressing “False Flattery or Flirting”… Be prepared to Share without expressing Unconstructive Criticisms… Be prepared to Bless Them… Be prepared to Rebuke, Correct and Direct… Be prepared to Guide with the “Spirit of Truth and Righteousness”… “Be prepared to Listen” with The Savior’s Caring Ears.

This is where you decide to share back. Maybe you identify with their issue; if so, say so and give “the context of the identification”. Maybe you do not identify with their issue at all; if not, be prepared to give them Godly guidance, answers, solutions and direction to the proper counsel, and let them know you care and will keep them in your prayers. If at all possible, refer them to someone who can help them (even if you have to come back later with a referral, after much prayer and research).

This is where you Pray or Counsel Through a situation together. “This Point of Intimacy” (PRAYER and COUNSEL) is no time to “drop the ball”, no time for “physical contact”, no time for “physical admiration”, no time for “false flattery or flirting”, no time for “emotional manipulation” (not between men and women; not between men and men; not between women and women). Do not allow satan to tempt you into expressing intimacy (Prayer and Counsel) in terms of the “flesh”, “money” or “power plays”. Decide ahead of time not to go there. Instead, be prepared to PRAY AND COUNSEL WITH THEM (NOT PLAY GAMES WITH THEM). If the situation is not “conducive to Prayer and Counsel”, then be prepared to exit (know your exit going in). If they get out of line in any way, for example, they will not receive prayers or counsel, or if they become abusive in any way (emotional, physical, verbal, spiritual or mental manipulation); then Rebuke, Correct and Direct them to the Proper Authority (Spouse, Pastor, Boss, the Police if necessary).

Ultimately, women should mentor (Pray and Counsel) women, and men should mentor (Pray and Counsel) men (unless of course the 2 are married or are in an exclusive relationship). If you are the same gender, or if you are single and you feel comfortable praying and counseling with the opposite gender, then proceed with Prayer and Counsel.

If you are not the same gender, or if you are married or single and do not feel comfortable praying and counseling with the opposite gender, then try to find them a same gender mentor to Pray and Counsel with.

If Prayer and Counsel is received, then make plans to continue the relationship by telling them “I will keep you in my prayers”, and the next time you see them ask “How are Things Going?”, “How can I continue to Pray for you?”, “Are Breakthroughs Occurring?”.

Do your homework. Be prepared to refer others to Christian Counselors, Bible Studies, Prayer Rooms, Pastors, Christian Mentors, Christian Prayer Groups, Christian Support Groups, Christian Material, Christian Radio Stations, Christian Music, anything Christian oriented that you feel would help strengthen their “Walk with God”. Because in the long run, that is what Social Hospitality is all about, bringing others back into a proper relationship/dialog with their God and Creator, Jesus Christ.

If they do not want a relationship with God through His Word or through Prayer and Counsel and you feel the atmosphere is safe, then try to find out “why or what they are mad at God about”. More than likely they do not know that God Loves Them and they may still be trying to earn His Love rather than Receive His Love. If they persist in rejecting God’s Love, once they have been taught that God Loves Them 1 John 4:19, more than likely they have problems Submitting to Proper Lines of Authority. If you find that they are under Abusive Lines of Authority, then help them to see that and help them to find a safe place to dwell. If they are the Abuser, then help them to see that and help them to seek the counsel they need from another source if you no longer feel safe counseling them. If they persist in rejecting Prayer, Counsel or Submission to the Proper Lines of Authority, then we are called to “move on” because the Bible says… “shake the dust off your feet”… Matthew 10:14, Mark 6:11, Luke 9:5, Luke 10:11, Acts 13:51. As True Disciples of Jesus Christ, we have enough work to do with those who truly do want to be “fed”. Do not allow satan to waist your time and energy on people who consistently and persistently reject “His Daily Bread”, “His Love” and “Submission to Proper Lines of Authority”.