Hospitality Ministry

Assist in setting up rooms, tables, chairs, decorations, hospitality tables and media tables.

Assist in kitchen (coffee, water & snacks), preparing other menu items and cleaning.

Assist in serving (coffee, water & snacks), serving other menu items and cleaning.

Direct those driving onto the grounds into available parking spaces.
Be Alert to first time visitors and “handicap,”  “senior citizen”  or "nursery" tags in car windows.

Open Doors and warmly greet and welcome everyone who comes through the doors.
Be Alert to first time visitors and assistance.

Stand Near by ready to assist Greeters, Ushers and other Hospitality Attendants.
Warmly Extend “I will be glad to help you."
Offer Assistance to those who need help finding Name Tags, Coat Racks, Umbrella Racks and Bibles.
Escort to the Worship Center, Welcome Center, Childcare or Bible Study Classes. 

Extend a warm welcome to each person while handing them a bulletin & other information.
Offer Assistance to those who need help finding a seat and give a Bible to those who do not have a Bible.
Give a copy of The Bible to those who do not have a Bible with them.
Take room attendance head count and take up offering contributions, visitor cards and prayer requests.

Help people find information concerning any of the Ministries at The Church.
Direct people using classroom maps, class schedules and other aids when available.
Give people the name and phone number of a contact person who may be able to further assist them.
Teach people “How to Use Bulletins, Literature, Info Boards, Websites, Library & Lost & Found."

Help people get the information concerning Media (Tapes, CDs, DVDs, Videos, Books or Tickets).
Teach people "How to Use Media Order Form."

Help people find and check out (tapes, cds, dvds, videos or books).
Teach people "How to Use The Library Computer and Website."

Help people process Prayer Requests and distribute Monthly Pastoral Prayer Guides.
Teach people "How to submit Prayer Requests."

Assist in Nursery & Childcare.

Do any of these responsibilities sound appealing to you?  You may have found your Gift in Hospitality or Evangelism.  If
you have a passport and like to travel, you may be well suited for Mission Ministries.