Evangelistic Hospitality

As a Layman, you may be saying, “I’m not an Evangelist”. Well, we are all Evangelists to some extent by the mere fact that we do have “lives that we live” and “others witness” the ways in which we do and handle things, especially the details of life. And as others witness, they make decisions about how they may or may not be willing to change their life styles. Let’s consider just a few “life style” items that we may need to pay close attention to since “others are watching”… (you will be able to think of many other areas of life that you are willing to examine and change in order to properly influence others, but here are a few for starters):

What type of music do you listen to?
Which radio stations do you keep your radio dial set to?


Do you overeat?
Is Fasting a common practice in your life?


How do you celebrate Christmas?

“How Should we Celebrate Christmas” is a common question amongst Christians. Here are a few considerations. Most Christians do not want to celebrate Christmas the old “traditional pagan way” of expensive Christmas Trees, Expensive Christmas Decorations, Drinking Parties, Over Eating and Over Spending (especially on unnecessary and “self focused” gifts that people do not even like, need, want nor use). So here are some more simple examples for consideration, simple suggestions that are more affordable and conservative in nature, and in meaning:

(1) Manger Scenes:
Instead of Christmas Trees, a pagan ritual that mocks the death of Jesus on a cross/tree.

(2) Evangelistic “Birthday” Cards that Celebrate the Birth of Jesus:
Instead of cards that promote Christmas “cheer”, parties, humor, cartoons, snowmen, rain deer or santa/satan.

(3) Candle Lightings with Prayers:
Instead of Christmas Lights, persecuted Christians in foreign countries are forced to make those lights. Candles are dangerous, but they do promote the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh concept, and placing candles inside glass or crystal containers or bowls can make them much safer. “Candles Pebbles” are more conservative than hard candles.

(4) Gifts that help continue the Proclamation of the Gospel:
The Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh concept. Gold was given to Joseph, Mary and Jesus for provisions for the “Ministry of the Proclamation of the Gospel”, our gifts should be for that same purpose, instead of for “celebrating self/sin”, as though the “Birthday Party” were for us. As for gifts to the poor and needy; yes, but always, all throughout the year, “for the poor are with us always”, not just at Christmas Time. If gift wrapping is something you enjoy doing, consider volunteering your church to do free “gift wrap” at local stores.

(5) Coffee, Tea, Cider or Wine and Desert or Bread Evangelistic Socials:
For “communion” purposes, instead of Christmas “Parties” with over drinking, over eating and no prayer time. This is a wonderful time to take Praise & Prayer Requests from Friends and Family Members to “The Throne of God” in Group Prayer Time.

Homes can be simply decorated with manger scenes, cards, candles, gifts, crystal and china, sitting around “at random”, to help stir up the “Holy Spirit” and bring forth “The Revelation of Jesus Christ” to the hearts and minds of those present, in a “Prayerful” not “party” Environment.

Prayerfully consider spreading these Conservative Christmas Celebration Suggestions to others, setting an example for them to follow “into the Kingdom of God”.

Since Christmas is a time to celebrate the Birth of Jesus, try to carry on each month with the above “Prayerful Environment” in order to celebrate the Birth of Friends and Family members (as well as our Savior) all throughout the year. With the goal being Monthly Socials in your home. This helps us to practice being good stewards of our homes and food at least once a month by cleaning-up our homes and cleaning-out our “pantries” at least once a month. A good practice is to cook a large meal once a month (turkey, ham, roast, fish…) and to eat leftovers for a week and smaller meals throughout the rest of the month such as pastas, beans, stews, soups, salads, baked potatoes and sandwiches. Each week is a good time to clean out the refrigerator and pantry. It is amazing how much food we waste. There is often food available that we can “recycle”, donate to others or donate to local food banks. (Same holds true for clothes management).

As you “ponder these things”, where do you find yourself?


Which stage of development are you willing to progress forward into?


Prayer:  May God Bless You and Inspire You to make the right choices in terms of Evangelism and Hospitality, To God Be The Glory, In Jesus Name, Amen.