Personal Testimonies:  Personal Testimonies are time spent sharing personal experiences, strength, forgiveness, growth and hope.

(1) Small Care Group Testimonies:  Can be conducted by going around the room and posing a question:

  Where did you grow up?
  Something you enjoy doing.
  Have you accepted Jesus Christ as the Son of God and your Savior?
  Do you study the Bible?
  Do you pray (dialog) with God?
  Is there something you wish you could talk to God about?
  If you were to die today, do you know for sure that you would go to heaven?
  Do you consider yourself to be a Seeker or Believer?
  Who do you say Jesus is?
  What would you say if God asked you: “Why should I let you into heaven?”
  (2) Large Bible Study Group Testimonies: Can be conducted in different ways:
  Open microphone, where several Large Bible Study Group Members give short testimonies (timed, planned and practiced)
  Open microphone, where one or more Large Bible Study Group Members give lengthy testimonies (timed, planned and practiced)
  With more traumatic testimonies it is expected that there will be a time of weeping and withdrawal, a time to grieve (denial, anger, negotiation, depression and acceptance), followed by a time of healing and growth.  So be prepared to be patient, kind and prayerful with one another during these times.

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