Small Care or Large Bible Study Group Leaders:

  (1) Prior to Group Bible Study:
  It is recommended that this material be reviewed and referred to as questions or needs for guidance, focus or direction arise.
  Announce 12-10 weeks in advance that you plan to conduct a Group Bible Study.  Start collecting names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of those interested in attending.
  Mail (or email) 10-8 weeks in advance the First Out-Reach Letter (clarifying the Purpose of the Group Bible Study), the First Questionnaire (requesting feedback) and the Goals (Personal, Group and Corporate Goals and Prayers).  Allow time for feedback to be incorporated into the Focus Statement (this will test the mailing addresses and allow time for retesting).
  Mail (or email) 8-6 weeks in advance the Second Out-Reach Letter (announcing the date, time and place of the First Group Meeting), the First Agenda (Activities and Questionnaire), the Goals, the Focus Statement (formed as a result of feedback from the First Questionnaire) and an Extra Registration Form (so invitations can be extended to friends and family members).  This allows time for Group Members to review prior to the First Group Meeting.
  Break down into Small Care Groups of 10+-.  Assign Co-Leaders to help with the In-Reach Phone Calls and to serve as Small Care Group Leaders.
  Make In-Reach Phone Calls approximately 6-4 weeks in advance to confirm attendance and to announce the date, time and place (along with directions) of the Group Bible Study (this will test the phone numbers and message systems).
  Mail (or email) Post Cards approximately 4-2 weeks in advance to remind them of the date, time and place (along with directions) of the Group Bible Study (this will retest the mailing addresses).  Give the exact start and end time for all Group Bible Studies since child-care arrangements may need to be made.  
  (2) During Group Bible Study:
    Mark Attendance Roster.  Pass out a listing of Small Care Group Members’ names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.
  Review Announcements.  Pass out a listing of Christian Counselors (if available) that your church uses for referrals (for personal counseling needs that may arise).  Announce that a Love Offering (donation) may be taken up periodically by passing a basket around or by making a basket available at the door.  Love Offerings are donations made for a Scholarship Fund (this pulls the focus off of gift giving within the small groups and places an out-reach emphasis on the basic needs of group members).
   Review Prayer Requests.
  Review Bible Study, Conduct Socials or Personal Testimonies.  Ask Small Care Group Members to volunteer as Leaders and Co-Leaders for tasks outlined within the Focus Statement or Course Format (this will serve as their “on the job training and equipping experience”).


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